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Introducing the First-of-Its-Kind Media Service Bureau Built Exclusively for Food and Ingredient Technology Companies:


Finally, a media relations company that puts a spotlight on client innovation, enhancing visibility, sales, investment and credibility.

We “get” you!

INN lives in the B2B food and ingredient tech space. INN experts understand the needs of fast-moving start-ups and their unique stakeholder set from angel investors to customers.

We move at
your speed.

INN is structured to mobilize quickly and deliver results  fast. Think less process, fewer layers and more results.

We’re experienced.

No hand holding required at INN. You get big agency experience and know-how with small agency prices and responsiveness.

We speak your language.

INN converts groundbreaking science into appetizing messaging that connects with a wide array of stakeholders and audiences.


You can cut to the chase. Because we already understand the industry, we can immediately focus on helping shape and target your messaging.

We’ve mastered the science of media.

From digital to print, we understand where, when and with whom to place stories for maximum impact and ROI.

We’re all about quality.

A one-of-a-kind editorial desk oversees all content, making sure it reflects your corporate “voice” and complies with AP style.


Niche and Focused

Our media mavens specialize in select aspects of innovative ingredient technology related to food and beverage businesses such as

  • Sustainability

  • Purpose

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Nutrition

  • Agriculture

  • Upcycling, and more…

INN experts provide growing companies with the ‘missing ingredient’ in most media plans. These pros bring exceptional experience and expertise to the process including creative ways to build customized strategies that ‘flip your narrative’ and throw a new, unexpected spotlight on your brand. The fresh approach elevates your story and elevates the media placements you deserve. This makes INN a powerhouse in converting mundane trade coverage to broad-based, top tier media exposure.

If you need to…

…build a strong market position.

…articulate impactful messaging.

…develop a narrative playbook.

…reach key influencers.

…design a thought leadership program.

…elevate your media attention and headlines.

…prepare for an issue or crisis.

…help define the future of food.


…then you need Eatherton Consulting and the INN inside.


For details contact Linda Eatherton at 312.735.1737 or fill in the brief form below and make some waves in the marketplace today!


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