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Whether you grow, process, package, test, transport, market or broker food…we get it. Because we’ve spent decades mastering the art of food communications and reputation management.

Podcast: How food companies can rebuild public trust

The Founder:

Linda Eatherton

While many food PR practitioners boast expertise “from field to fork” Eatherton has added a unique expertise to her skill set, “from lab to label”. She is renowned for setting award-winning strategies for renovating and rebuilding trust; for helping innovative companies commercialize pioneering ingredients; and for generating acceptance for high-tech concepts and processes designed to improve the way we feed the world.


High-tech ingredient and processing solutions will flood the market with innovative processed foods. But, are consumers ready? This is the Age of Transparency where food makers are expected to work in partnership with the public to help them understand how and why decisions were made behind the brand. The complexity of these new technologies will raise many questions that brand marketers cannot and should not attempt to deal with at launch. Let Eatherton Consulting pave a path of acceptance, understanding and support for those technologies before that product hits the shelves.


The consumer will be sitting at the crossroads between animal food and non-animal food interest arguments. They will be asking important questions as to who and what is right. The public debates will not only raise questions, they will likely drive consumer distrust of the food industry and its players to higher levels. Company, brand and organizational reputations are at stake. How, or if, you decide to enter these public conversations could define you for some time to come. Let Eatherton Consulting help determine your best strategy and narrative to prepare for those conversations.


Sustainability and environmental conversations will rise to higher levels of importance in the States. Consumers will be asked to literally ‘dig’ into the details and get more familiar with no-till ag practices, soil conservation and regenerative agriculture. These topics are no longer exclusive to organic farming and will rise in importance as consumers recognize the value of preserving the very earth we walk on.  Let Eatherton Consulting help your brand, company or organization bring the public to a higher level of understanding about what it takes to care for Mother Earth and produce foods responsibly.


Corporate responsibility platforms and platitudes are ringing hollow with the public. Consumers are looking for the food industry to lead and effect change in a way that authentically syncs with who and what you are as an organization. It’s time to think about resetting your vision, mission, purpose and value proposition for growth. Gen X isn’t going to let us off the hook. They care and they are watching what we do and say. Let Eatherton Consulting help reconstruct your narrative to clearly define why and how you uniquely bring value to current and future stakeholders.


Linda Eatherton
eatherton consulting, LLC
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